Looking for a cannabis dispensary in Palmer, AK? Don’t miss these pointers!


Let’s start by saying that both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Alaska. If you are suffering from a medical condition for which cannabis has been recommended, or you simply want to feel that high once in a while, you will have no issues accessing cannabis in Alaska, with numerous dispensaries around. You can also find a new dispensary in Palmer, AK, which sells all kinds of in-demand strains. State laws vary, so if you are in a different state than Alaska, please refer to state laws before buying or using cannabis, because the laws are pretty strict in some states. For those in AK, here’s what they must know before visiting a cannabis dispensary.

Buying cannabis

You can only buy cannabis legally in Alaska if you are 21 years or older. Just because you can purchase your stock from cannabis dispensary doesn’t mean you can start smoking marijuana anywhere. In Alaska, it is illegal to use cannabis in any public place in any form. No matter whether you are at a park, driveway, sidewalks or on the road, you cannot use cannabis publicly. Note that cannabis continues to remain illegal at a federal level, so if you are in Alaska, you cannot still use marijuana in national forests or parks. If you want to use cannabis, always rely on your property or home. Note that some homeowners and landlords may not allow tenants who use marijuana, and check in advance before using cannabis in a hotel.

Visiting a cannabis dispensary

No cannabis dispensary in Alaska will sell products to minors or those below the age of 21, and you cannot leave the state with these products. It is allowed to possess up to 28 grams, or one ounce of cannabis per person, provided the user is 21 years of age. Always select a cannabis dispensary that you can rely on, and these dispensaries and stores will only sell one ounce or less for each purchase.

In conclusion

Expert users and cannabis enthusiasts recommend new users to be responsible with cannabis use. If you intend to try a new strain and are not sure of which one to select, visit a reliable and known cannabis dispensary and ask their budtenders. They can offer sane advice on the best strains, and you can have a fair idea of the experience you can expect from popular strains with tips on how to use these strains safely.