The Choice of Right Senior Rehabilitation Centre Eases Your Loved One’s Recovery Process


If your elderly loved one was hospitalized due to stroke, injury or a planned surgery, their physician would most likely have recommended rehabilitation services before returning home. The therapies recommended would help your loved one regain confidence and improve their mobility. Families have a choice in deciding the rehabilitation centre.

Find the right rehabilitation centre to make things easier for your loved one:

Determine the expected length of stay before looking for rehabilitation centers. Some health conditions require short-term stay while some require long-term stay. If you are looking for a rehab center in Florence, AL with a team of dedicated therapists, physicians, nurses and social workers, pay a visit to Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre.

They offer quality care and tend to both long-term and short-term care. Their customized therapy plans work in the best interest of your elderly loved one. It is recommended to visit the centre in person and see if you find it ideal. Knowing what to look for in a facility and what questions to ask will ease the process.

What to look for when visiting a rehab center?

  • Therapies offered: Therapies include physical therapy (like exercises, massages), occupational therapy (for better mobility), speech and language therapy (improve communication and swallow problems) etc. Not all facilities offer all the therapies recommended for your family member. Enquire if the recommended therapies are available.
  • Patient to staff ratio: Having adequate number of caregivers ensures individual attention would be given. There is more room for personalized and quality care.
  • Lifestyle quality: Check the cleanliness in living areas and common living spaces. Is the ambience comforting and relaxing? Do you find the dining menu healthy and appetizing? Are there social, religious activities inhabitants could take part in?
  • Privacy: Some patients would prefer a shared room so that they can have the company of a fellow inhabitant while some prefer more privacy. See if there are options for shared/ private rooms (whichever you prefer).

  • Location: If the person is going to be in the rehab only for a short while, choosing a centre close to your home is better. You could drop by and visit them time to time. The patient also feels more secure and familiar in the surroundings.

Don’t feel hesitant to ask questions to the staff. They ought to respond to all your queries. You can also interact with other fellow residents. Ultimately, it is about the comfort of your loved one. Choose the rehab centre after enough scrutiny.