Menopause Symptoms Relief with Bioidentical Hormones Therapy Treatment


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps to reduce the menopause symptoms including sleeplessness, mood swings as well as vaginal irritation. It also helps to fight against heart disease and brittle bones. Some health organizations suggest the usage of HRT for long duration may lead to health problems such as blood clots, breast cancer, and others.

The other option to get relief from menopause, perimenopause and post menopause symptoms is bioidentical hormones. Generally, they contain hormones including progesterone, Estradiol, and testosterone. They are made from animal products and plants. It contains similar chemical composition and molecular structure of a human hormone.

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Both male and female, who have a low hormone level, can use this treatment. Pharmaceutical companies make some bioidentical hormones such as estradiol acetate, 17 beta-estradiols, micronized progesterone USP and estradiol hemihydrates by using drugs like Femring, Vagifem, and some other. Some of the patients get a very good benefit from these hormone doses.

They are available at various medical stores in the form of tablets, gel, lotion, cream, and injection. One can purchase them with a doctor’s prescription.

While taking this treatment, a woman needs to take some additional care like:

  • maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
  • regular physical activity
  • avoiding stress and anxiety
  • taking vitamin and mineral supplements

These days, custom-made hormones are also available. They are made by combining particular hormones required for a woman. These custom-compounded hormones contain warning signs, so few women believe that custom-made are safer than bioidentical hormones.

To avoid risks in the treatment, woman hormone levels will be diagnosed various times. This helps to maintain a balance between natural and bioidentical hormones. Otherwise, the patient may suffer from different side effects including gall bladder disease, stroke, breast cancer, skin as well as vision changes.

As of now, no particular long-term evidence is not available to support the advantages of bioidentical hormones may be further studies will be carried out in the future to give more information to the people.

If you are looking for a bioidentical hormone’s replacement consult a doctor to know everything in detail. Choose an FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved hormones because non-approved one is also available in the market.