The Need For Dual Disorder Program: A Quick Overview!


In simple words, dual disorder program treats both mental and chemical health issues at the same time. If a patient is diagnosed with both substance abuse disorder and a mental issue, he/she may be advised such a treatment. There are many centers that offer dual disorder program in Minnesota, and the treatment approach is more of a comprehensive one. At the core, therapists try and understand how a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder are related, and if a concurrent treatment can be recommended via a dual disorder program to treat both. Contrary to popular belief, there is enough data to prove that the number of patients dealing with substance abuse and psychological disorder at the same time is no less.

Understanding the key aspects

In numerous cases, substance abuse problems are often related to certain mental health issues, and dual disorder program aims to treat both at the same time. The treatment will focus on reducing dependency on substances (which can be alcohol, as well) and treat the mental issue simultaneously. From anxiety issues and depression to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, and eating issues – a number of mental health disorders can be treated with dual disorder program, while treating the actual case of substance abuse.

The actual treatment

When it comes to creating a plan for dual disorder program, there are varied aspects that will be considered. In most cases, these treatments are only recommended for adults over the age of 18 years, and patients may have to attend two to four sessions every week. The comprehensive care will be provided by a team of experienced and known therapists, who may rely on medications and even psychotherapeutic drugs to improve the condition of the patient. It also involves counseling and coaching on the phone, so that patients can get the support they need in between. Since co-occurring disorders are treatment, therapists may choose to alter treatments and change the course as required.

Seeking help

Whether dual disorder program is ideal for a specific patient is based on the actual diagnosis. If someone you know has mental issues and is also dealing with substance abuse, you must consider taking them to a center that specializes in dual disorder program. After all the necessary tests and assessments, therapists will decide if that’s the ideal choice for a patient. Do not self-medicate if you have mental health issues or other similar conditions.