Overall Sexual Wellness and Dysfunction For Men and Women


You have likely heard that sexual well being for men is much more important that most women give it credit for. It is also recognized that men can have more satisfying sex lives that their partners do, and that their relationships are happier than those of women. The truth is, however, that many aspects of a man’s sex life can be improved through professional grade sexual wellness for men. This can lead to increased sexual pleasure, a more mutually satisfying relationship, and overall increased health and well-being.

The primary way in which many men experience poor sexual health is through a lack of testosterone or an absence of natural sex hormones such as luteinizing hormone (LH). Testosterone, an anabolic hormone secreted by the testes, is responsible for sexual desire, aggression, and muscle growth and development. LH is produced by the ovaries and contributes to a woman’s monthly hormonal activity. When the supply of LH is low, or when a man lacks an adequate amount of testosterone, he may experience difficulties with erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions. Along with low testosterone levels, a man can also suffer from low levels of essential vitamins such as zinc and magnesium, which are key factors in the production of healthy sexual health.

Other contributing factors to poor sexual health include under or overweighting for men, smoking, and drinking. A good regimen of diet and regular exercise can improve overall health and sexual wellness for men of all ages, in addition to treatment from a men’s clinic such as Paramount Men’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri. In fact, some experts believe that sexual dysfunction may be partially caused by vitamin deficiencies. A proper diet and exercise can enhance sexual health and well-being for many men, and even lead to the prevention of erectile dysfunction, in some instances.

Men who engage in professional grade libido enhancement have found that there are several vitamins and minerals present in abundance in semen, which play an important role in promoting male sexual wellness. In addition to the aforementioned vitamins and minerals, some studies have revealed that L-Arginine, N-acetyl-d Glucosamine (NAG), and Phosphodiesterase (POU) inhibitors are also beneficial in libido enhancement. These ingredients have been proven to enhance sexual health and well being for men of all ages. In fact, some research even suggests that L-Arginine and N-Acetyl-Glucosamine in combination offer the most effective means to treat low libido or erectile dysfunction in men.

Low libido is often related to a low quality of erection for men and women. The proper formula used in libido enhancement supplements can address this issue effectively. Some of the leading manufacturers of libido enhancers such as VolumePills, HerSolution Pills, and Intense Sexual Performance Supplements have combined potent herbal aphrodisiacs like L-Arginine and other ingredients proven to improve libido. Many of these ingredients are approved by the FDA for their ability to increase nitric oxide production. The presence of nitric oxide within the body helps block blood vessels from leaking into the sexual organs, thus enhancing circulation and intensifying arousal.

In addition to libido, sexual wellness for men and women also includes a healthy sex drive. Many people suffer from problems relating to low sex drive; they may not be able to climax or ejaculate. With the aid of quality supplements, problems associated with erectile dysfunction can easily be remedied. This means that the problem is not something to be taken lightly and that lifestyle changes need to be made. Fortunately, quality libido enhancers provide a safe, effective, natural means to boost sex drive and improve sexual wellness for men and women.

The Sexual Wellness Plan consists of a combination of non-controlled, pharmaceutical grade, scientifically proven herbs that act together in order to improve male sexual function and wellness. At Total Health and Rejuvenation it’s fundamental intention is to revitalize and improve the male sex drive and sexual satisfaction of each individual who seeks assistance. As such, they provide a comprehensive range of natural products that can be used either individually or in conjunction with one another. In addition to the herbal supplements, the program also provides an array of other natural health solutions that work towards improving sexual health. This includes nutritional supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, energy and fitness programs, exercise programs and even skin care products.

A particular supplement from the Sexual Wellness Plan that is commonly referred to as libido enhancement is the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP is taken from the platelet found within the blood plasma of humans. By taking advantage of the natural ability found within the PRP, scientists have been able to boost natural production. In particular this has been found to be a significant factor relating to restoring low testosterone levels that have been associated with reduced libido. While there are several libido enhancement products on the market that utilize platelet-rich plasma as a key ingredient, the Sexual Wellness Plan claims that its products are far superior due to the fact that they supply natural platelet-rich plasma along with their proprietary blend of herbs and minerals.

Another key aspect relating to both men and women is proper cardiovascular health. The Sexual Wellness Plan also provides a comprehensive line of products that promote increased cardiovascular health and vitality. Many of these health supplements focus on increasing overall sexual well being by increasing overall stamina, while others focus on boosting low libido problems by increasing levels of “feel good” hormones such as serotonin and endorphins.

One thing that the Sexual Wellness For Men program does differently than most of its competitors is that it focuses on total health. It does not try to solve specific problems with one area or another. Rather it aims to create overall wellness through a comprehensive plan of vitamins and herbs that work together in order to achieve optimal sexual health. Through this approach, the male of the species will be able to enjoy a better sex life than he might if he were to rely solely on products or treatments that address one aspect of his health.

For example, some products may promote increased blood flow and energy, but fail to provide any sort of support in terms of nutrients or supplementation. This can be extremely dangerous when it comes to improving sexual health. Rather than relying on one product or treatment, the Sexual Wellness For Men program encourages its users to make use of a comprehensive regimen of vitamins and herbal formulations that promote overall wellness.

By focusing on total health, the program not only addresses erectile dysfunction but also encompasses other conditions such as impotence, low libido, low sperm count, and others. For men who are looking for ways to increase their libido or improve their sperm count, there are several products available on the market that utilize a variety of different approaches. However, the Sexual Wellness For Men program emphasizes the use of total health to get results. As such, it does not make use of gimmicks such as Viagra or similar drugs that do little more than give a man a high and expect him to return to his old habits. Instead, this comprehensive program encourages its users to take a holistic approach to improving their sexual health and, as a result, their love life.