Skin Treatment Using Radio Frequency


Did you know that there are aesthetic skin treatments that help tighten your skin, make it soft and firm, all using radio frequency waves? No surgery, no Botox and no any other chemical administration is required!

This is a revolutionary treatment method that uses radio frequency energy to fix ageing for you and aids in skin renovation. What is more exciting for people is that these treatments are said to show results immediately. No pain as well. All these qualities make this a fantastic option. Let’s explore some more about this procedure.

How Radio Frequency treatment works.

The science behind this treatment is that the radio frequency energy is used on the skin and it heats up the skin tissues. This naturally urges the skin to produce sub dermal collagen. This in turn arrests or controls the appearance of wrinkles, age lines and skin loosening.

Why do we need skin care as we age?

 As we all grow and age, the skin gets more and more exposed to the environment. The more time it is exposed to the environmental factors like heat and light of sun, the fine dust etc, skin loses its charm. It becomes more matured. Sometimes the pores get blocked. This is the main reason why our skin needs some care and treatment as we age.

The key benefits and uses of multipolar radio frequency treatment

  • Renovates and redeems the skin
  • Firms your skin and acts as an anti-ageing solution.
  • Gives a soft glow and adds brightness to your skin.
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Post pregnancy tummy reduction and skin tightening

The treatment processes

The process is very simple. A device emitting ultrasound waves will be placed on the area of treatment for about fifteen minutes to sixty minutes based on the requirement. This works under the skin and repairs damaged skin.

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You can discuss your needs with the professional and get the treatment scheduled as per your requirement. Get in touch with them today and say good bye to lose skin and skin ageing issues!