Dysport – A Faster Remedy to Get Rid of Wrinkles for Natural Appearance


Whenever we use facial muscles they contract and expand. With age and time, the muscle creases are clearly visible and become permanent. These clear visible creases or lines on face and neck are called wrinkles. Most commonly, wrinkles are seen on forehead or with age people have creases near their eyes.

The easiest way of removing those wrinkles is through Botox. Botox has been in demand for years, but there is a new product available now that has faster effect compared to Botox. We are talking about Dysport injections. They help in refining the look temporarily of a person by treating severe wrinkles.

Both injections, Botox and Dysport use botulinum toxin that helps in controlling the movement of muscles that cause wrinkles. Dysport affects faster because it has smaller protein molecules compared to Botox, which distributes faster. It not lnly stops movement of muscles, but also relaxes them so that the surrounding skin can remain smooth and the person can freely use facial expressions. It was approved by FDA in 2009 and many medical centers have acknowledged its fast effect.

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All of us know about Botox, since Dysport is new in the market not many people are aware of its benefits –

  • The injection works as filler, but you don’t have a frozen look on your face that happens after taking Botox injection. When a professional handles with care, everything appears natural.
  • Dysport has smaller and less amount of protein molecules compared to Botox. This means it spreads evenly and faster, leaving behind natural appearance.
  • Dysport have long-lasting effect. Results are seen within a week and it lasts for more than five to six months, unlike Botox.
  • Disport not only treats old wrinkles, but it also helps in preventing further formation of wrinkles on face and neck.

  • After Botox, you have to take leave for a day or week off from other work and follow lot many precautions. However, after injecting Dysport, you can start your normal daily work immediately without any side effects.
  • After too many Botox Injections, your body gets immune to it and stops working on it. When Botox stops working, you can start with Dysport because it has less protein so it might not react on your body.

If you wish to give it a try for the first time, then try with some good professionals. You need experienced hands to get positive outcome.